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Bleu Neige vegan Patisserie

Our Story

BLEU NEIGE VEGAN PATISSERIE is Vegan Japanese French Fusion Patisserie founded in 2022 by its Owner and Pastry Chef, Akiyo.


Operating from a commercial kitchen in East Harlem, New York City. Everything is handmade from scratch by the Chef herself, the ingredients are sourced with local vendors that share Bleu Neige Vegan Patisserie’s commitment to actively making our society more respectful, inclusive and sustainable. 

My culinary journey began in 2015 as an Executive Pastry Chef at a remarkable vegan bakery located in the Upper East Side of NYC, where I dedicated four years to mastering the art of vegan pastries and crafting an array of delectable desserts.

When the pandemic interrupted my professional path, it became an opportunity to pivot and innovate. Fueled by a passion for exceptional quality and a desire to infuse bold flavors and tantalizing textures into vegan desserts, I set out to develop a menu that would redefine the very essence of indulgence for our cherished customers.

Today, through Blue Neige Vegan Patisserie, I aim to create healthy and flavorful vegan sweets with fresh, organic, and preservative-free ingredients, with a special focus on accommodating gluten-free and sugar-free preferences.


Currently operating as an online order-only. However, looking ahead, I envision a future where we can welcome our customers into a charming storefront, allowing them to savor our best-selling products—personalized vegan cakes, an array of flavorful donuts, and bespoke wedding cakes—Today I’d like to share my passion with you, please enjoy the enclosed vegan sweets


Do you need Vegan or Gluten free Desserts? 

We available prepared with only freshest and healthy ingredients Vegan desserts.

Our selection of Vegan desserts are 100% Vegan ingredients. All our event desserts are small bite size, unique variety selections!


Please contact us!! 

We will make sure to come back to you shortly. 

Required appointment before vising our kitchen!!!

2191 Third Ave

New York, NY 10035

Tel: 917-535-3698

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